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Insight Hospitality Solutions is a luxury consulting firm whose passion for creating partnerships with leadership and worldwide destinations drives our every thought. The mission we have for serving others, building cohesive teams, and creating inspirational leaders is all-consuming.

Eduardo Duran

President and Founder

Whitney Heeter

Vice President of Operations

´╗┐Ana Maria Duran

Vice President of Finance

Our Vision & Purpose

Igniting a passion for service. Inspiring the best version of self. Improving destinations through intentional design and development.

Our Approach

Through immersive experiences, we become synced with your brand and guide team members to find joy in the everyday guest experience. We engage and push leaders to discover areas for refinement and develop custom training that nurtures culture and enhances your journey as a brand. Our approach is organic and personal, and our outcomes create the most memorable experiences for your guests.

Proven Experience

The collective industry and guiding knowledge at Insight Hospitality Solutions has been garnered through years of experience and proven techniques. Through our expertly crafted curriculum and coaching, we seamlessly provide exceptional experiences for your brand and the associates who execute its vision every day. 

Personal solutions

Solutions are thoughtfully designed to incorporate your culture identity and ensure synergy throughout the learning process. Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking allows us to provide a dynamic space for leaders and associates from all experience levels. Our global team at Insight Hospitality Solutions would be delighted to partner with you on your journey. 

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