Leadership Training & Leadership Academy

Developing Next Level Leaders

Insight Hospitality Solutions excels at training current and future leaders on how to effectively develop their communication, coaching, and training skills to reach their next level of leadership.

Emotional Intelligence


Leadership workshops and training designed to develop and strengthen emotional self and social awareness, including Enneagram Masterclass for Leaders


Leadership Strategies 


A newly developed concept designed to help leaders better understand their Leadership Intelligence levels to improve their abilities in managing and leading guests, staff, and the operation


Effective Communication


A thought-provoking workshop on verbal and non-verbal communications using a neurolinguistic approach to assist leaders and teams reach a common understanding of the meaning and recognizing problems caused by imprecise communication patterns

Stand-Up / Pre-Shift Meeting Techniques


Coaching on how to properly prepare and execute effective meetings before shifts that are impactful and memorable for staff

Coaching & Feedback


Sessions dedicated to helping leaders become more conscious of their approach to providing feedback and coaching to their staff, including three distinct techniques to be explored: in-the-moment, same-day feedback, and follow-through

Great Leaders are Great Mentors


Understanding that the impact of a leader on the operation and guest experience is extraordinary, but nothing is more important than how they support and develop their staff. This enlightening session showcases the ways in which leading and mentoring have similarities and how to find impactful synergy between the two

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